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Are you looking for Extras Work? London is probably the best place you could be to find it and even work as a full time extra is possible. You will need to scout out a number of extras agencies in the London area and send them a copy of your CV and some photographs.

Here are a few agencies to get you started:

Ray Knight Casting: http://www.rayknight.co.uk/

London Extras Agency: http://www.londonextraagency.com/

Extra People Ltd.: http://www.extra-people.com/

The Casting Collective Ltd.: http://www.castingcollective.co.uk/

Casting Call Pro is a great resource for extras and actors and will definitely help you to find agents in and around London: http://www.castingcallpro.com

You can also find the definitive list of agents, casting directors, background artist agencies and a number of other professionals working in the TV and film industry in the Contacts book:

The best and most established agents will be in the Contacts book so it will definitely help you to avoid the more dubious agencies. Be aware if you are looking for Extras work in London there are a number of agencies available and not all agents are going to be the same. Rogue agents have been known to take peoples money for signing up and disappear overnight so be cautious about handing over any money to an agent just for signing up with them. They should not ask for this but rather charge you a commission when they find you paid work. This is usually around 12-20% of your earnings. You can make up to £200 a day as an extra but in general you will come away with about £70-£100. Extra ‘top up’ money will come from getting dialogue or being featured prominently in a scene.

You can also earn more money by using a special skill or having your vehicle used in a scene. If you get to do ‘multi episodes’ of a TV show you can also earn extra money but in general you should get around £70-£100 a day. Remember you will have to pay for your own transport and you should also deduct any fees from your agency which they may charge. Although it can be tough at times, extras work is a great way to make money and avoid the 9-5 desk job!

Some agencies will ask you not to join any other agencies in their area but this is really down to your discretion. If you do join with a few agencies it can be a good idea to keep it under your hat! Depending on how much work each individual agency can get you will probably determine your loyalty to them! You can find work most weeks if you sign up with a number of agencies in London but don’t expect to be working all the time – particularly if you are only signed up to a single agency.

Extras Work London can be found through signing up with Extras Agencies based in London. Not all agencies will accept everyone and some agents’ books will be closed for certain periods. Be persistent and make it your mission and you will eventually find some work.

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